Legal Notice

The company BAMBOOBIKE LLC (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) creates, designs and markets bamboo products throughout the world.

In order to better meet the requirements of its customers, the Company has set up, along with its distribution network, a system of distance selling by telephone and internet.

The present general conditions of sale are applicable to all sales of articles bearing the Company’s trademarks concluded by distance :(i) Either by telephone through the Customer Relations Department set up by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer Relations Department”), (ii) or via the Company’s website identified, in particular, by the domains names :

“ &” (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”):

– By order by natural persons acting as consumers (as defined by law and caselaw) and having their habitual residence on international territory.

– For delivery to the same customers for their own account or to any third party of their choice who also has their habitual residence in that territory and as a consumer (as defined by law and case law).

Any sale of articles bearing the Company’s trademarks through the Customer Relations Department and / or the Site is subject to those generals conditions of sales, which the customer accepts. These are subject to change and update, the conditions applicable to the ordering of an item by a customer are those in effect on the day of the order.

BAMBOOBIKE LLC, a Limited Liability Company registered with the California Trade and Companies Register under the entity number 201720610247 whose registered office is located at 600 South Spring Street 90014 Los Angeles United-States. Telephone: 202 679 9532 ; E-mail address:

3.1 The information (categories, denominations, definitions, reproduction of articles, detailed descriptions: properties, characteristics and composition, etc.) relating to all articles bearing the Company’s brands offered for distance selling are available in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements in all BAMBOOBIKE shops, on the Site or via the Customer Relations Department, from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm (except public holidays), by e-mail at

While taking the greatest care and accuracy in posting the information, in the descriptions of the articles and in the data available from the Customer Relations Department or on the Site or from the BAMBOOBIKE shops and their updating the Company can not be held responsible for any non-substantial errors that may occur. Similarly, although the photographs and other reproductions of the articles represent them faithfully on the Site and at the BAMBOOBIKE shops – and this, within the limits of the technique and in compliance with the best standards of the market -, these may nevertheless present non-substantial errors, which the client recognizes and accepts. In any case, in the event of non-conformity of the article delivered with respect to its description, the Company undertakes to correct this error, under the conditions of Articles 13 and 14 below.

3.2 More generally, the Company shall not be liable:

– interruptions or delays recorded by the Customer Relations Department or on the Site due to the performance of maintenance, technical failures, force majeure, third parties or any circumstances whatsoever irrespective of his will;

– the inability of the customer or the Company to contact the Customer Relations Department and / or temporarily access the Site, due to facts beyond its control, such as: cases of computer failure, network interruptions telephone network, internet network, failure of the reception equipment of said internet network, etc.

4.1 To place an order with the Customer Relations Department or the Site, the customer must be of age, have his / her usual residence in the international territory have the legal capacity and hold a bank card as defined in article 9 below.

Orders will be received internationally and will be accepted within the limit of available stocks. To this end, the customer is informed at the time of taking an order, either by the Customer Relations Department or on the information page of the Site describing each of the articles:

– the availability of the item;

– or, in the case of temporary unavailability of the article, the possibility of ordering it for subsequent delivery within the time limits specified therein.

If, despite the vigilance of the Company, the ordered items are no longer available, the Company will inform the customer by any means (phone call or e-mail) as soon as possible.

4.2 The customer undertakes to ensure that all the information communicated to the Company at the Customer Relations Department or on the Site as part of the order complies with these general conditions of sale, complete, accurate and up to date. Failing this, the Company reserves the right to cancel the order as well as the payment.

It is recalled that when ordering, the Company collects the following personal data: identity, identifier and password chosen by the customer on the Site, e-mail address, telephone number, usual address of the client, address of delivery and means of payment, etc. These data are necessary for the processing of the order and may be communicated only to the contractual partners of the Company involved in the execution of the order (in particular, to intermediaries for the payment of orders such as banking establishments).

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, the customer has the right to access, modify, rectify, oppose and delete personal data concerning him.

To exercise this right, the customer needs to do is send a letter to: or to BAMBOOBIKE LLC – Attention: Ottmane GUMS – 600 South Spring Street 90014 Los Angeles United-States.

The Company shall also be entitled to refuse any order: (i) made by a customer with whom there is a dispute relating to the payment of an earlier order; or (ii) not in accordance with these general conditions of sale.

If the Company finds that the order does not comply with these general conditions of sale (for example: incorrect delivery address, exceedance of the ordering thresholds), it will inform the customer directly on the Site, by telephone or by of e-mail. If the customer fails to correct the erroneous elements or contrary to the present general terms of sale contained in his order, the Company reserves the right to cancel the order and payment.

Orders can be ordered by telephone from the Customer Relations Department, number 202 679 9532 (price of a local call), from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm (including bank holidays).

Upon authorization of the debit of the customer’s bank account by his bank, his order is directly transmitted to the order preparation service of the Company.

Any order made within this framework engages the customer.

The order taking on the Site is subject to strict adherence to the procedures described below also concretized by a succession of different screens on which are indicated the successive phases that the customer must imperatively respect to validate his order.

6.1 First step: selection of items by the customer

On the Site, the customer selects, enters and validates the identification and quantity of items he wishes to order (the availability of which is to be confirmed by the Company if necessary); said articles shall be added to its “Basket”.

6.2 Step Two: Checking Selected Items

The customer can freely modify his “Cart” consisting of the selected items, delete an initially selected item, modify the quantities ordered or add an item by clicking on the corresponding items placed at his disposal within the “Basket”. Within the “Basket”, the price of the items – as defined in Article 8 below – is displayed automatically.

6.3 Third step: confirmation of the selected articles and validation of the order

Once the customer has completed his selection and wishes to validate the composition of his «Basket», he must then identify himself:

if the customer has an account on the Site: by his e-mail address (id) and his password;

if he does not have an account on the Site, including: his name, his usual residence address to which the order will be billed, his telephone number.

The customer must also validate:

the address of delivery of the order – being specified that the said address may possibly correspond to the usual place of residence of a third party beneficiary chosen by the customer or, failing that, to the address of the company in which the third party beneficiary carries on his professional activity if the latter is situated in that territory;

the desired mode of shipment (express or standard mail), the standard shipping charges being borne by the Company;

and, finally, the method of payment chosen.

Once all this information has been regularly entered and validated, the price of the items – as defined in the article 8 below – and any postage costs are automatically displayed.

After having communicated his credit card number, in compliance with the conditions of article 9 below, the customer then clicks on the “VALIDATE MY PAYMENT” button to debit his bank account.

The debit authorization from its bank account issued by the customer’s bank is displayed. It is recommended that the customer record and / or print this debit authorization on paper. Upon authorization of the debit of the customer’s bank account by his bank, his “Basket” is sent directly to the order picker service of the Company, the customer then seeing his order number.

This order commits the customer upon receipt by the Company of the “Basket” duly completed and validated by the display of the page of registration of order.

6.4 Stage 4: acknowledgment of receipt of the order by the Company

The Company then acknowledges receipt of the order as an e-mail sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer. In accordance with the provisions of article 1369-2 of the Civil Code, the customer formally accepts the use of e-mail for confirmation by the Company of the content of his order.

This confirmation e-mail contains all the information communicated by the customer, indicating any difficulties or reservations raised by the order (availability of items ordered, delivery time or method of payment chosen). It mentions the order number assigned to the customer by the Company.

6.5 Step Five: Shipping Items

At the time of shipment of the ordered items to the delivery address chosen by the customer, the Company sends an e-mail to the latter informing him of the said shipment and the receipt of the price, as provided for in Article 9 below.

Generally, there is an express agreement between the Company and the customer that the e-mails will be authentic between the parties as well as the automatic registration systems used by the Customer Relations Department or on the Site, in particular as to the nature and the date of the order. In addition, the Company retains the elements relating to any order of an amount equal to or greater than five hundred (500) euros for a period of ten (1) years and keeps them available to the customer on request by the latter to: or to BAMBOOBIKE LLC –

Attention: Ottmane GUMS – 600 South Spring Street 90014 Los Angeles United-States. is however recommended, for orders placed on the Site, that the customer also keeps a copy (under electronic and / or hard copy) of items relating to its order (for example, e-mail sent by the Company in accordance with article 6.4 above).

The prices communicated by the Customer Relations Service or displayed on the Site are indicated in Euros, US Dollars and Pounds Sterling and include all taxes included (VAT included), excluding shipping costs.

The prices charged are those in effect on the date of the order.

The amount of any transport costs: (i) will be communicated to the customer by telephone by the Customer Relations Department; (ii) will be automatically displayed on the Site upon validation of the mode of shipment chosen by the customer – as specified in article 6.3 above – and will be communicated again to the customer during the confirmation of its order by e-mail.

 The customer will receive, on delivery, for each item, the written confirmation of the price paid and the delivery costs charged to him.

Payment of the purchases of the customer is made by credit card. The cards of the network “CB”, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, American Express are accepted. Cards issued by banks outside of the USA must obligatorily be international bank cards. In this context, the customer undertakes to make payment by a bank card of which he is personally holder and mentioning his identity (name and surname ).

The customer communicates by telephone to the Customer Relations Department his / her bank card number and / or bank details. For on-line payment on the Site: the client accesses a secure server operating in SSL mode (128 bits) and certified by a Certification Authority. The customer must provide his / her credit card number and / or bank details by completing the payment form online.

The transaction is then carried out by the client according to banking security standards. Both by telephone and on the Site, by communicating its bank card number and / or bank details, the customer agrees in advance and unconditionally that the Company proceeds with the secure transaction. The customer therefore authorizes in advance his bank to debit his account at the sight of the records or statements transmitted by the Company, even in the absence of invoices signed by the cardholder. The debit authorization of the customer’s account is always given for the amount of the item (s) purchased.

The customer’s credit card is then debited after verification of the satisfaction of his order with these general conditions of sale, the availability of the article (s) and at the time of the dispatch of it by the Company. Should the debit of sums owed by the customer prove impossible, for any reason (opposition, refusal of the issuing center, etc.), the order will not be registered by the Company and / or will be canceled.

The delivery of the articles can only take place:

– at the customer’s usual place of residence;

– or to the delivery address indicated by the customer at the time of the order, it being reminded that this address must correspond to the usual place of residence of a third party beneficiary chosen by the customer and habitually resident or, failing that, to the address of the company in which the latter carries on his professional activity if the latter is situated in the same territory; it being understood that it can not in any case be carried out either in hotels or in post boxes.

After the payment of the amount of the order has been registered, the delivery of the items will take place at the delivery address indicated by the customer. To this end, the latter undertakes to have communicated an exact delivery address to the Company.

The delivery of the articles ordered will take place:

– either on the date or within the time indicated to the customer by the Company and at the latest within thirty (30) days following the date of the order;

– or, within the time limits the client will be notified in the event of temporary unavailability of the item accepted by the customer: (i) at the time of its order with the Customer Relations Department by telephone; (ii) at the time of the addition of an item in its “Basket” as well as before the acceptance of its order.

The Company will deliver the items ordered by standard or express parcel according to the choice made by the customer. The delivery will be carried out abroad.

The company reserves the property of the articles books until the integral payment of their prices in principal and in interests. payment is effective to the effective dumping of the price. in case of integral or partial payment, the company may not represent the articles or articles which may be delivered by the company to the client.

The Customer is granted a license to use the Site, which remains the exclusive property of the Company, which has created and put online, in particular, web pages, images and scripts sources, the basic data composing it. The customer therefore refrains from distributing or reproducing the Site, in whole or in part, in any form whatsoever. Articles of the Company, the Company’s trademarks such as, in particular, BAMBOOBIKE. (non-exhaustive list), as well as all figurative and non-figurative marks and, more generally, all other marks, illustrations, images, designs and logotypes on articles of the Company sold by distance, packaging, whether deposited or not, shall be and remain the exclusive property of the Company.

Any reproduction or partial reproduction, uploading, modification or use of these marks, illustrations, images and logotypes and designs for any reason and on any medium without prior express written consent of the Company is strictly prohibited.

The same shall apply to any combination or conjunction with any other mark, symbol, logotype and, more generally, any distinctive sign intended to form a composite logo. Similarly, are strictly prohibited, without prior express written agreement of the Company:

– the creation of hypertext links to any of the pages or any of the elements composing the Site;

– any use not in conformity with the present license of use of the Site and, in particular, use of any of the elements composing it (presented articles, descriptions, prices, data, software, graphics, images, texts, photographs, tools, etc.) for sale or any other direct or indirect commercial use.

the company proposing models made exclusively to order and made to measure, the customer can retract within a period of 7 days provided the payment of the amount of the preliminary agreed between the parties.

The customer must ensure that the items delivered to him correspond to his order. In the event that the items delivered are not in conformity with his order, it is recommended:

– to inform the Company as soon as possible, either directly on the Site in the “Return Request” section, or by telephone at the Customer Relations Department (number and schedules indicated in article 3 above), or by e-mail addressed to the address justifying the non-conformity of the article to the order,

– as well as to return the articles in question in their original packaging (or, at least, in a packaging conferring equivalent protection of the said articles during their return transport), in perfect condition, unused and accompanied by all the accessories and documents provided (notice, guarantee, certificate of authenticity, etc.) as well as a copy of the invoice attached to the items delivered,

– by following the various stages of the procedure proposed by the Company, as described on the Site, in order to facilitate its processing by the Company, and in which all the expenses of return of the articles are taken directly by the company Company within the limit of a return shipping of the articles by order.

If the client organizes himself the return of the said articles, by the means of his choice and at his expense, it is recommended to him to retain any proof of the return of the article by registered mail, or by any other means giving certain date; the return costs, if the non-conformity of the article ascertained by the customer is proven, is borne by the Company. Their reimbursement will be made by credit to the bank account of the customer after sending by the latter of the justifications of these expenses.

In the absence of possible exchange of the returned item and if the customer does not wish to dispose of an asset with the Company, the refund of the invoiced price of the nonconforming items returned will be done, by credit to the customer’s bank account , no later than seven (7) days after receipt by the Company of the returned items.

The performance by the Company of all or part of its obligations will be suspended in the event of the occurrence of a fortuitous event or force majeure within the meaning of the jurisprudence which would prevent or delay its execution. The Company will inform the client, such fortuitous event or force majeure within seven (7) days of its occurrence.

In the event that this suspension of performance of the obligations of the Company continues beyond fifteen (15) days, the customer will then be able to cancel the order in progress and will then proceed to its refund by the Company as soon as possible by credit to the customer’s bank account.

The fact that the Company refrains from demanding at any given time the performance of any of the stipulations of the present general conditions of sale can not be interpreted as renouncing to invoke later this total or partial non-performance.

If any of the provisions of these general conditions of sale are declared invalid in whole or in part, the other stipulations and the other rights and obligations arising from these general conditions of sale will remain unchanged and will remain applicable.

the general terms and conditions of sale are subject to californian law, except misuseous provisions such as arising out of the regulation on the law applicable to contractual obligations. in the event of any difficulty arising out of order or delivery of the articles of the company, the customer shall be available, before any action in justice, to seek friendly solution, in particular with the assistance of an association of consumers or any other board of its choice.

Terms of Sales

This website / (the “Site”) is published by BAMBOOBIKE LLC, a Limited Liability Company registered with the California Trade and Companies Register under the entity number 201720610247 whose registered office is located at 600 South Spring Street 90014 Los Angeles United-States. Telephone: 202 679 9532 ; E-mail address:;

The chairman of BAMBOOBIKE LLC and editor of the publication is Mr Ottmane Gums.

The hosting of the Website is provided by the company OVH, whose registered office is located 2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix, 09 72 10 10 07

The access to the Site and the use of its contents are carried out within the framework of the usage instructions described hereafter. The fact of accessing and browsing the Site constitutes on the part of the user an unreserved acceptance of the following details.

BAMBOOBIKE LLC is the owner of the domain names and

The Site as a whole, as well as the elements that compose it (including texts, trees, software, animations, photographs, videos, illustrations, diagrams, graphic representations, logos, etc.) are works of the spirit protected by the California Law and by the Intellectual Property Code. They are the exclusive property of BAMBOOBIKE LLC, the only one authorized to use the said intellectual property rights as well as the personality rights relating thereto, brands, models, works of mind, software, databases, interpretations, images of persons, whether originally or by express license or authorization.

2.2 Sanctions

The use of all or part of the Site, in particular by downloading, reproducing, transmitting, representing or disseminating it for other purposes than for personal and private use for a non commercial purpose of the Internet user is strictly prohibited. The infringement of the rights of BAMBOOBIKE LLC exposes its author to the penalties provided for by the Intellectual Property Code, in particular for the infringement of copyright and the Civil Code on civil liability.

2.3 Hypertext links

The creation of any hypertext links referring to any of the web pages or elements composing the Site is prohibited, except with the prior written authorization of BAMBOOBIKE LLC, which authorization may be revoked at any time. All sites with a hypertext link to the Site or any of its components are not under the control of BAMBOOBIKE LLC and therefore BAMBOOBIKE LLC declines any responsibility (including editorial responsibility) for access and content to these sites.

This section is devoted to the privacy policy of BAMBOOBIKE LLC and specifies the origin and use of the navigation information processed during the consultation of the site by the Internet users and their rights. This policy is therefore important for Internet users who wish to have a positive and confident experience on the Site and for BAMBOOBIKE LLC, which wishes to answer in a precise and complete way the questions of the Internet users on the consultation and the use of the Site and to take into account of their wishes.

3.1 Nature of personal data

Personal data means any personal information (including, for example, username, password, surname, first name, date of birth, e-mail and postal addresses) that BAMBOOBIKE LLC may provide to BAMBOOBIKE LLC as part of their registration to the newsletter of BAMBOOBIKE LLC via the “NEWSLETTER” section of the Site and / or in the context of any message sent to the Site via the “CONTACT” section and / or in the occasion of their use of the Site and the services offered there. These data, whatever their nature, may directly or indirectly enable BAMBOOBIKE LLC to identify and better understand Internet users and to send them their newsletter and / or to reply to their messages and / or facilitate their browsing the Site and / or optimizing the quality of the services offered to them. When the user provides personal data, he / she undertakes to answer the questions put to him or her and to provide BAMBOOBIKE LLC with full, accurate, up-to-date and non-detrimental information to BAMBOOBIKE LLC. the rights of third parties.

3.2 Consent

No personal data is collected without the consent of Internet users. The optional or compulsory nature of the information to be communicated to BAMBOOBIKE LLC in the context of the collection carried out on the Site will be indicated beforehand to Internet users. The latter are under no obligation to transmit personal data to BAMBOOBIKE LLC.

However, in the event of a refusal, BAMBOOBIKE LLC will not be able to send its newsletter to the Net surfers and / or respond to their messages and / or facilitate their browsing on the Site.

If the user does not wish to receive the BAMBOOBIKE LLC newsletter, he can notify BAMBOOBIKE LLC by sending an email to the following address: In any case, the user is also offered the option to unsubscribe from the BAMBOOBIKE LLC newsletter by clicking on a hypertext link directly on each issue of the newsletter that will be sent to him.

3.3 Identity of the person responsible for processing personal data

BAMBOOBIKE LLC is responsible for the collection and processing of personal data on the Site.

3.4 Recipient (s) of personal data

BAMBOOBIKE LLC is the sole recipient of the personal data collected on the Site and is only liable to transmit them to a third party only when:

– the Internet user has given his prior consent to such transmission,

– the said third party intervenes, as subcontractor of BAMBOOBIKE LLC, in connection with the supply of the Site and the services offered therein,

– BAMBOOBIKE LLC is summoned by a judicial or other administrative authority to provide such data.

3.5 Rights of the user

In accordance with the law relating to data processing, files and freedoms, the Site has been declared an automated processing of personal data. Every Internet user has the right to access, to correct, to complete, to update, to lock or to erase personal data concerning him and, for legitimate reasons, to oppose to their treatment. To exercise these rights, the user can contact BAMBOOBIKE LLC by e-mail at the following address:

3.6 Cookies

During the consultation of the Site, information relating to the navigation of the user via his terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) is likely to be recorded in “Cookies” files (alphanumeric identifiers) installed on said terminal , subject to the following choices expressed by the user regarding the said cookies (which choices can be modified at any time) and the parameters of the navigation software used.

The duration of retention of the information relating to navigation of the Internet user provided by “cookie” on the Site shall not exceed one year.

Cookies allow BAMBOOBIKE LLC, without personally identifying the user:

– to memorize information relating to a form he has been able to fill in on the Site (registration or access to his account) or to products, services or information he has chosen or consulted on the Site (for example: content d a shopping cart, etc.);

– to allow the Internet user to access the Site’s personal and reserved spaces, such as his / her account, through previously communicated identifiers or data;

– to implement security measures, for example when the user is asked to connect again to a content or a service after a certain period of time.

Several possibilities are offered to Internet users to manage the cookies (any parameterization thus undertaken by the Internet user will be able to modify its Internet browsing and its conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of cookies):

– the user can configure his navigation software so that cookies are registered in his terminal or, on the contrary, that they are rejected, either systematically or according to their sender. It can also configure its navigation software so that the acceptance or the refusal of the cookies is proposed punctually, before a cookie is likely to be registered in its terminal;

– if the user accepts cookies in his navigation software, the cookies integrated in the pages and contents he has consulted may be stored temporarily in a dedicated area of ​​his terminal. They will be readable only by their issuer;

– if, on the contrary, the user refuses the recording of cookies in his terminal, or if he deletes those registered there, he will no longer be able to benefit from a certain number of functionalities which are nevertheless necessary to navigate in certain of the Site. This will be the case if he attempts to access content or services that need to be identified or when BAMBOOBIKE LLC – or its technical service providers – can not recognize, for technical compatibility purposes, the type of browser used by the user’s terminal, its language and display parameters or the country from which the terminal appears connected to the Internet.

BAMBOOBIKE LLC assumes no responsibility for the consequences resulting from the degraded functioning of its Site and / or its services resulting from the inability to register or consult the cookies necessary for their operation and that the Internet user would have refused or deleted.

For the management of the cookies and its choices by the user, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of the browser.

For Internet Explorer ™:,

For Safari ™:,

For Chrome ™:,

For Firefox ™:,

For Opera ™:]

BAMBOOBIKE LLC shall endeavor to ensure, to the best of its ability, the accuracy and the updating of the information disseminated on the Site, which it reserves the right to correct, at any time and without notice, the content. However, BAMBOOBIKE LLC can not guarantee the accuracy, precision and completeness of the information made available on the Site, which does not constitute a guarantee or a commitment on the part of BAMBOOBIKE LLC with respect to the user .

In particular, BAMBOOBIKE LLC can not be held responsible:

– any inaccuracy, inaccuracy or omission relating to information available on the Site;

– any damages resulting from a computer intrusion of a third party resulting in a modification of the information made available on the Site;

– and more generally, any direct or indirect damages, irrespective of the causes, origins, nature and consequences caused by any person’s access to the Site or the impossibility of accessing it, as well as the use of the Site and / or the credit granted to any information derived directly or indirectly from the Site.

BAMBOOBIKE LLC uses means to ensure the security of files constituted on the basis of the personal data collected on the Site. However, BAMBOOBIKE LLC does not control the risks linked to the functioning of the Internet and draws the attention of Internet users to the existence of possible risks in terms of confidentiality of the data transiting via this network.

BAMBOOBIKE LLC informs the web surfers consulting the Site that these mentions may be modified at any time. These modifications are published by their posting and are deemed to be accepted without reservation by any Internet user who accesses the Site after their posting.

the present mentions are established in accordance with California law and in particular the provisions of the Law for Confidence in the Digital Economy and the law relating to data processing, files and freedoms. The California courts are territorially competent to hear any dispute relating to the use of the Site, unless otherwise provided for in the Regulation on Jurisdiction and the Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters.

For any question that the user may have about the use of the Site and / or these mentions, for any request that he may wish to send to BAMBOOBIKE LLC, he can send a message to him in the “CONTACT” Site and / or e-mail to the following address:

Pour toute question que l’internaute pourrait se poser sur l’utilisation du Site et/ou sur les présentes mentions, pour toute demande qu’il pourrait souhaiter adresser à BAMBOOBIKE SAS, il peut lui adresser un message dans la rubrique “CONTACT” du Site et/ou un courrier électronique à l’adresse suivante :