The fair and responsible distribution process set up by BAMBOOBIKE can not be complete without a fairer redistribution of its wealth and a sustainable citizen engagement. In a world constantly subject to technological change and advancement, “training” and “adaptation” have become the keys to social and professional integration.

Today, overexploitation and overconsumption of rare or fossil energies are damaging our environment and poisoning our lifestyles. Yet solutions exist.

For more than 20 years, “green” energies have tended to emerge on the market and finally to interfere in our daily life and thus offer a healthier living environment. Using 100% organic materials and therefore sustainable, abundant, biodegradable, renewable, and above all, with a carbon footprint.

This ecological revolution can not be carried out properly without a skilled workforce, endowed with know-how and increased experience in these new fields.

For this reason, BAMBOOBIKE is committed to investing a part of its profits in the establishment of training centers to enable the new generations to train themselves in the use and creation of new technologies to adapt to future trends.